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Light of the Sacraments

Light of the Sacraments

by Cory Heimann

Illustrated by Tricia Dugat

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Light of the Sacraments is an interactive book for readers ages 4–12 about each of the seven Catholic sacraments. It pairs meaningful (and fun!) rhymes with Scripture verses to explain the sacraments, and features engaging illustrations and hidden images that are revealed by shining a light on the back of the page. These “hidden” moments reveal truths about the invisible grace of the sacraments.

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Publisher: Word on Fire Votive
ISBN: 978-1-68578-119-4
Page count: 68
Dimensions: 22.22 x 28.58 (cm)
Thickness: 0.94 (cm)
Language: English
Release date: Apr 08, 2024
Age Range: 4-12
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About the Author

Cory Heimann is a visual artist, videographer, and founder of Likable Art, a Catholic Creative Project company based out of Fort Wayne, Indiana. He is also the editor of Created: Bridging the Gap Between Art and Your Creator.

About the Illustrator

Tricia Dugat is a designer, illustrator, and founder of Providential Co., a company that offers Christ-centered items made with quality and heart. Tricia believes strongly in teaching the next generation about the treasures of the Catholic faith. Her colorful style seeks to express the joy behind her mission to tell everyone they are loved deeply by God.

What People are Saying

“Cory Heimann’s delightful Light of the Sacraments employs engaging rhymes and powerful Scripture to teach about and instill a love for the sacraments in an innovative way. Tricia Dugat’s phenomenal illustrations and the book’s interactive design are sure to make this book a family favorite. Get ready to embrace the gift of the sacraments in your home and your hearts in a new and exciting way!”

— Lisa M. Hendey, Author of I'm a Saint in the Making and Founder of

“Absolutely stunning! This book within a book not only shares the fullness of the power of the sacraments, it’s interactive, artfully done, and representative of Catholics all over the world. The juxtaposition of the scriptural ties to the sacraments enhanced by the art you first see, and then the art that is revealed through light, is pure artistry. It’s rare you find a children’s book that even adults love to sit with and ponder. Each time you read it, you see something new. Adding to my bookshelf and to those of my nieces and nephews immediately!”

— Kathryn Whitaker, Author of Live Big, Love Bigger and podcast host

Light of the Sacraments communicates the biblical and spiritual meaning of the sacraments we celebrate and receive with beautiful poetic verse and richly diverse illustrations. Reading this book is a grace-filled experience preparing young children to receive sacramental grace.”

— Fr. Edward Looney, Host of the podcast How They Love Mary

“This is the kind of book I want for my children! The pages invite them to ponder the depth and beauty of the sacraments. Even more powerful are the thoughtful illustrations that capture our universal Church and remind them that every single person is invited to receive God’s gifts of grace.”

— Sarah Hoyoung Ku, Creator of Asian Catholic Woman​

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