Bishop Robert Barron's DVD Collection: Topical Films

$ 199.95 USD
  • Bishop Robert Barron's DVD Collection: Topical Films
  • Bishop Robert Barron's DVD Collection: Topical Films

Bishop Robert Barron's DVD Collection: Topical Films

$ 199.95 USD

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This special price offers a savings of over $40 over purchasing the DVDs separately!

The beautiful collection comes in an elegantly designed box and features all six of Bishop Barron's top DVD study programs, which cover an array of topics, from atheism, conversion, and holiness, to the Eucharist, virtues, the person of Christ, and much more. 

Below are the titles and brief descriptions of each DVD included in the set:

UNTOLD BLESSING: Three Paths to Holiness

The greatest calling for each of us is to become a saint, and the journey toward holiness is full of untold blessing. Bishop Barron describes this journey in three paths: Finding the Center in Christ; Knowing You Are a Sinner; and Realizing Your Life is Not About You.


CONVERSION: Following the Call of Christ

Using six stories from the Bible, Bishop Barron demonstrates how ordinary, sinful people are met by Jesus and called to a better life through him. Conversion is not so much a one-time event, but a life-long process of focusing our attention and energy toward an ever-deepening relationship with Christ.



The seven deadly sins are patterns of dysfunction that lead us to unhappiness. Bishop Barron explains the pervasiveness of pride, envy, anger, sloth, greed, gluttony, and lust and shows us how to counteract these sinful patterns through a conscious focus on a specific virtue for each sin.


EUCHARIST: Sacred Meal, Sacrifice, Real Presence

Bishop Barron takes a deeper look at the “source and summit” of our Faith, the Eucharist. He brings to light the Blessed Sacrament’s reality as a sacred meal, the sacrifice necessary for communion with God, and as the Real Presence of Christ.



In this deeply biblical presentation, Bishop Barron brings us closer to Christ not only as our Savior, but also as the consummate Priest, Prophet, and King as foreshadowed in the Old Testament. These divinely-ordained roles become our calling as well once we are baptized into Christ.


THE MYSTERY OF GOD: Who God Is and Why He Matters

Bishop Barron provides a comprehensive look at what Christians mean by “God” and clarifies our understanding of God and the Trinity as “Being itself,” not one being among many. Bishop Barron specifically engages the claims of modern atheists and shows how Catholics can refute them.