The Strangest Way

$ 24.95 USD
  • The Strangest Way
  • The Strangest Way

The Strangest Way

$ 24.95 USD

G.K. Chesterton once said that Catholicism keeps its beliefs "side by side like two strong colors, red and white...It has always had a healthy hatred of pink."

Catholicism is both/and, not either/or. It celebrates the union of contraries--grace and nature, faith and reason, Scripture and tradition, body and soul--in a way that the full energy of each opposing element remains in place.

In Vibrant Paradoxes, bestselling author Bishop Robert Barron brings together themes and motifs that many would consider mutually exclusive or, at best, awkward in their juxtaposition. But seen through the Incarnation, these opposites crash together and reflect new light in every direction requiring a new vision. This book will train you to see.

Praise for Vibrant Paradoxes:

"Bihsop Barron is simply the most readable and delightful Catholic essayist alive."

-Dr. Peter Kreeft

"A book to savor, ponder, and celebrate, Vibrant Paradox is a treasure chest of insight, informed by a profound Catholic faith and a deep intelligence, and written with the kind of brio that makes the New Evangelization fun."

-George Weigel

"Bishop Robert Barron is one of the most effective evangelists in the Catholic Church. His new book collects some of his best essays, on a typically wide variety of topics, and written in his trademark inviting, accessible, and knowledgeable style. He's a real blessing for our Church and his new book will be a real blessing for you."

-Father James Martin, SJ

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Study individually or in a Group

You can watch the Untold Blessing DVD and then probe more deeply into Bishop Barron’s message by using the companion Study Guide, which is divided into sections that correspond to each part of Bishop Barron's presentation. The Study Guide was written by Catholic author Mark P. Shea, under the direction and approval of Bishop Barron.

Each section provides “Questions for Understanding" based on the DVD presentation and references from Scripture and the Catechism of the Catholic Church, and “Questions for Reflection" that help you reflect on how the material is relevant to your own life and experience.

For group study, you can present the program in eight 90-minute sessions.  Each session includes DVD viewing and small group discussion of Study Guide questions.  Participants should prepare the questions on their own after viewing the DVD but before the small group discussion.

The Leader’s Kit provides essential resources for lay discussion leaders, including the DVD, lessons, facilitator guide, answer key, and the companion book by Bishop Barron, The Strangest Way. In addition, leaders can access free, downloadable promotional materials and other tools using the “Support Materials” tab above.

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